With proper planning, greatness can begin to take place. As an entrepreneur, it is key to plan your activities in order to approach the day in an efficient manner. Plan, prepare, and execute is the mantra of the successful entrepreneur.

Psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, in his book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, states that our willpower is greatest in the morning. The morning time is the best time to get things going aggressively. In the morning cortisol pumps through our bodies giving us a boost for the morning activities. It’s imperative to tackle the important tasks first.

Meditation does not mean that you go back to sleep. Your mind is super focused on being clear. Meditations can look like many things from doing yoga to simply sitting.

Focus on Priorities
Open your notes and focus on what your priorities are for the day. Do you have a mission for this month or year? Read it aloud and think on what matters. Think on the progress you have made. Then, be grateful.

Set Goals
On Monday set goals for the week, then repeat. Refocus by focusing on the goals you have already set for the week. Putting the goals into place helps to stop running in circles and looking busy, but not productive.

Plan the day while getting ready
While you are showering you can plan the day. You can envision exactly how you want it to go and how it will be. Mentally planning things can help with not being late with projects.

Think on your ideas and then brainstorm on how to get them done. This should be at least a ten-minute session with yourself. This can also be used for non-business related items too. Brainstorming keeps one inspired.

Make Coffee or Tea
If you are a coffee or tea drinker, then prepare some. Focus on the perfection of the taste. This is the time to indulge and use the best ceramic cup and have a seat to enjoy. No need to rush.

Be Consistent
Meditate, work out, tea or coffee. Set the items in place and be consistent on fulfilling them. No matter what, do those things within the first hour of your day.
There is nothing magical in these seven items. The magic only happens when you begin.