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John Seckel

Experienced entrepreneur and the President of Seckel Enterprises, LLC

About John Seckel

From Wachovia, John Seckel went on to start Seckel Enterprises, LLC. As the President and CEO, Seckel provided investment consulting to high wealth individuals, in addition to small, medium and enterprises businesses. Since inception in 2004, John has often travelled on a weekly basis to investigate potential real estate investments. John and the Seckel Enterprises team obtain mortgages, venture capital, and other financing on a consulting level for their clients. Today, Seckel Enterprises generates in excess of $20MM in consumer sales.

Apart from his venture capital work, John Seckel is also quite the entrepreneur. Most recently, John Seckel launched Lean Soul, LLC a personalized weight loss management company. Lean Soul uses your DNA, Blood, Metabolism and Food Sensitivity Tests to personalize weight loss solutions, organic meal kits and vitamins. Lean Soul then backs that up with the highest level of coaching, support and care. As the founder of Lean Soul, John Seckel hopes to help people unlock the best version of themselves.

Another new venture of John’s is Cheap Social Media. Established in 2017, Cheap Social Media helps new and existing small business grow their brand online, for an affordable price. As an entrepreneur, John Seckel has a passion for helping small business and creating jobs. With Cheap Social Media, John hopes to help turn small companies into large companies.

John Seckel continues to thrive in various industries today. For more information on John Seckel’s ventures visit or check out Lean Soul and Cheap Social Media.



John Seckel attended Northeastern University in December of 2003. During his time at Northeastern, John Seckel was a member of the Investment and Finance Club. He was also a Knights of Round Table Member. He enjoyed being an active member of the Boston community. John graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Professional Experience

Following school, John Seckel accepted a position at Wachovia Corporation as a Financial Analyst. After only a short time at Wachovia, Seckel found himself being promoted to the Vice President of Credit Products and International Banker for CIB International. For two years, John was involved in the analysis for purchasing of UBOC, SouthTrust, HSBC and more. During his two years here, he was awarded for customer service on $825MM M&A Deal.

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