John Seckel, President and CEO of Lean Soul believes that as people move from their 9-5 and into the world of entrepreneurship, many misconceptions arise. People believe myths such as “I can wake up whenever I want every day,” or “I can take a nap in the middle of the day,” simply because they are entrepreneurs. The truth is that entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working people who put more hours in per week than most employees. What are some of the most common myths surrounding entrepreneurship?

Not Having a Boss is Great

In the first few days, maybe even months of your entrepreneurship journey, you may find yourself thinking “it’s great not having to answer to a boss.” However, once your business takes off and you find success, you will also find that your customers are now your bosses. Your creditors, partners and suppliers will feel like bosses at times too. The reality of not having a boss is that you are the sole person responsible when things go wrong. There is no one above you to pass off difficult clients or situations. Eventually, you will grow into this role and embrace it, but in the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey, not having a boss is not always so great.

Entrepreneurship will give me complete control of my schedule

While this is an easy myth to believe, it is still just that, a myth. Sure, you do not have to wake up daily at 6 am in order to punch the clock by 7. On the flip side, you may be waking up at 5 am to continue the work you ended at 2 am the same morning. As the sole leader of your company, there will be weeks where you work every single waking hour of every single day. You are still being held accountable daily by your partner, client, potential clients and even stakeholders. This means there will be meetings, phone calls and events to attend that may be at inconvenient times. While the entrepreneurship lifestyle does allow you a more flexible schedule than most jobs, it also means that your schedule may be spread out from early morning into late evening.

John Seckel notes that while he has majority control over his schedule, that does not mean he has much free time. Seckel frequently wakes before the sun rises to get started on the day and can be found working late into the night.

The More Clients, The Better

Early on, many new entrepreneurs fall into the trap of taking on as many customers as possible. While this seems like a great way to kick off a successful company, it can easily become overwhelming. Instead of taking on anyone who expresses an interest, pace yourself and take on clients at a speed that is doable and scalable. Be selective and weed out clients who may pose difficulties down the line.

As you jump into the world of entrepreneurship, be careful not to believe common myths. By knowing the most common myths surrounding entrepreneurship, you are better prepared to avoid falling into them!

“I believe that the more people are aware of the myths surrounding entrepreneurship, the better equipped they will be to make the right decisions,” says Seckel.

About John Seckel

John Seckel works throughout the country on various business ventures. He currently acts as President and CEO of a personalized nutrition company, Lean Soul, and marketing company, Cheap Social Media. He loves being able to use his experiences to help other companies and small business owners. Recently, John has seen great success with his entrepreneurial ventures and he is happy to offer advice!