Sometimes unproductive employees can be the Achilles Heel of companies. As an entrepreneur, not only can you not afford to be unproductive, your livelihood depends on your productivity level. What are some qualities of unproductive entrepreneurs?

They Fear the Uncertain

One of the defining characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to face to uncertain without fear. When entrepreneurs begin to fear the uncertain, they immediately decrease their productivity levels. Why? Because part of your job as an entrepreneur is to work diligently towards something even when you aren’t sure if the outcome will be profitable or not.

They Are Not Generous With Their Money

The best people in any role are generous people. When an entrepreneur is generous with his or her money, they tend to reap the benefits of that generosity. For instance, if you donate to a local nonprofit regularly, they are much more willing to speak highly of you as a businessman and your business as well as use your business for their needs. The more generous you are with your time and money, the more recognized you will become in the community.

They Make Excuses

Making excuses never leads to positive outcomes. It’s very easy to commit yourself to not making excuses, but even easier to begin making excuses throughout the workday. If you want to be a productive and therefore successful entrepreneur, you need to stop making excuses. It is only hurting you and your business. Instead of making excuses, look at the reasons why you did or did not complete something. Being introspective is not easy, but the best entrepreneurs must be willing to look at themselves and their faults and find a remedy.

They Put Things Off

In keeping with the theme of making excuses, the unproductive entrepreneur consistently puts projects, goals and tasks to off. Whether they are missing deadlines or ignoring glaring problems, they put the work off and look the other way. If you want to be successful, this is not an option!

Entrepreneurs who are not productive share several qualities. They fear the uncertain, they are not generous with their money, they make excuses and they put things off. If you want to be successful and productive as an entrepreneur, avoid doing these things at all costs. Your livelihood is dependent upon your work ethic and your productivity level and you cannot afford to lose time being unproductive.