The more successful you and your business become, the more you will that delegating work is part of your daily responsibilities. One person simply cannot do everything it takes to keep a business afloat by themselves. However, delegation does not just involve randomly doling out projects to team members. There should be thought put into your choices.

Learn to Let Go

The first step in delegation occurs before you even hand over the task. Before you can choose who you will delegate to and how much, you must be willing to let go over control. The most successful leaders are the most successful delegators and they trust those who they put in charge. While the end project may reflect solely on you, you should feel confident that those you lead will do nothing less than stellar work. It is impractical to think that you can delegate work without first letting go of the ownership of that work. Trust in your employees and the delegation process will go smoothly.

Always Include Instructions

When you begin delegating tasks, you will find that without explicit instructions, you will not receive the end product you envisioned. To avoid this common mistakes, be sure to include instructions any time you assign work or a project to someone. While the task may seem obvious to you, someone else may take it in an entirely different direction. If you are willing to delegate work to someone, you must also be willing to accept what they provide in return. In order to get what you want, provide explicit instructions every single time.

Be Willing to Offer and Accept Feedback

In order for the delegation process to work, there must be feedback involved. This goes both ways too. Not only should you provide feedback and constructive criticism to those who you delegate work to, you must be willing to accept their feedback as well. Maybe you did not provide clear instructions and expectations, or maybe they feel your delegation process is not working. Whatever it is, you must be willing to listen and apply their feedback.

Delegation is a key aspect of any leader’s duties. The more successful you become, the more you will find yourself delegating tasks, projects and initiatives. Don’t approach this process blind. Have a plan in place. Be sure you include instructions as well as feedback in your delegation process. Look at it as a process that can constantly be refined and with time, you have an efficient system in place for delegation.