As a leader in your field, you will find yourself giving presentations and speaking to people frequently. Some people love public speaking and thrive in the role and others avoid speaking in front of others at all costs. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to delivering speeches with both confidence and authority.

Know the Power of Silence

A powerful speaker understands just how important intentional silence is. They will use moments of silence to allow information to sink in, or to drive a point home. People are not used to silence and when you use it in your speaking, it will catch people off guard- causing them to perk up and listen. Don’t look at moments of silence as a mistake but rather an opportunity to make the next statement you make that much more powerful.

Tell a Story

People love a good story, so tell a story every time you deliver a speech. It may seem like your topic is not conducive to a story. Maybe you are delivering information on Bitcoin and feel like it should all be data-driven. Turn it into a story anyway. You will be received much better this way. Try using sensory words to make it more palatable and relatable to your audience.

Replace “um” with Stronger Filler Words

You will naturally have gaps between sentences and delivery of information. If you are uncomfortable with complete silence, it is ok to use filler words but stray away from using “um.” What are some better examples of filler words? Try replacing “um” with phrases like “however,” “now you see,” or “I was thinking.” These are active verbs that hold people’s interest. When you use the word “um” it gives the impression that you are not confident in both yourself and the information you are delivering.

Keep it Simple

Have you ever listened to someone deliver a presentation and felt overwhelmed by the words they were using? People often feel like they must use the biggest words in the industry, the “buzz” words or the most complicated terms. Don’t do this when speaking. Rather, make it simple.

Speaking in front of a group of people, whether it be five or five hundred is intimidating. It does not have to be that way! By following the tips above, you will be speaking with confidence and authority in no time!