It is no secret that remote working has gained popularity in the past few years. After those years of collecting data about remote work, study after study shows that remote workers are happier, work more hours and stay with their respective companies longer. Owl Labs surveyed 1,200 U.S. workers between the ages of 22 and 65 for its 2019 State of Remote Work report and found that employees who regularly work remotely are happier and stay with their companies longer than on-site employees. Why is this the case?


Work-Life Balance


When participants in the study were asked why they chose to work remotely, most put work-life balance as their number one reason for choosing remote work. Employees who work from home report that they have the ability to attend appointments, choose their best working hours, pick up their children and more, all while getting their work done. This sense of a balance between their home and work lives makes remote employees more satisfied than those who have to travel to and from an office daily.


No Commute


79% of those studied reported that their reason for working remotely was not having a commute. A commute can cause stress before the workday has even begun. Employees working remotely can wake up and get right to work. This leads to more hours being logged on the job. Remote workers said they work more than 40 hours per week 43 percent more than on-site workers do.


Increased Focus


Another reason employees enjoy working remotely as opposed to at the office is the ability to choose their work environment. While some people thrive in a busy office, many people need a quiet and secluded workspace, like a home office or even their living room. The ability to completely focus on their work is just another perk that remote employees enjoy.


Remote work is popular for many reasons, but most prominently because it offers work-life balance, no commute, and increased focus. IF your company has the ability to allow employees to work remotely, take advantage of it! Employees who are able to work remotely report feeling more satisfied overall with their job.