John Seckel

Experienced entrepreneur and the President of Seckel Enterprises, LLC

John Seckel is a successful Entrepreneur currently operating as President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC. 

Recently relocated to San Diego, He plans to continue to operate his businesses on the east coast, as well as look for more opportunities in the San Diego area. He is fully confident that no matter where his physical location is, he will create success around him. His confident attitude paired with remarkable talents places John Seckel in an elite category of entrepreneurs.

John Seckel is not your everyday entrepreneur. He has lived a life full of passion, which led him to the success he enjoys today. He never rests on his laurels though. If you talk to John, he will fill you in on any number of the companies he owns and operates. His precision, attention to detail, and entrepreneurial wisdom have shaped his present career path.

John Seckel has always known that he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and he has made good on that promise to himself. He has gotten to this point through hard work, dedication and extreme focus. If you ask anyone who knows him, they will tell you that he is the hardest working person they know. John Seckel regards hard work as one of the core values of his life. 

John began his journey at Wachovia, the product of a 2001 merger between the original Wachovia Corporation. He worked his way up through the company. From Wachovia, Seckel went on to start Seckel Enterprises, LLC standing as the President. 

Wachovia was located out of North Carolina until 2008 as an independent company. They were acquired by Wells Fargo in 2011. John Seckel enjoyed his time there tremendously and learned many great life and business lessons. 

Apart from his work in this industry, John Seckel is also quite the entrepreneur. Most recently, John Seckel launched Lean Soul, LLC a personalized weight loss management company. Lean Soul uses your DNA, Blood, Metabolism and Food Sensitivity Tests to personalize weight loss solutions, organic meal kits, and vitamins. Lean Soul then backs that up with the highest level of coaching, support, and care. As the founder of Lean Soul, John Seckel hopes to help people unlock the best version of themselves.

 Another new venture of John’s is Cheap Social Media. Established in 2017, Cheap Social Media helps new and existing small business grow their brand online, for an affordable price. As an entrepreneur, John Seckel has a passion for helping small business and creating jobs. With Cheap Social Media, John hopes to help turn small companies into large companies.

 John Seckel continues to thrive in various industries today. For more information on John ventures visit or check out Lean Soul and Cheap Social Media.

John Seckel attributes his success to several organizations, but primarily Northeastern University. He attended the school until 2003 and got the most possible out of his time there. He enjoyed the cooperative learning offered by the school and was involved in several of their internship programs.

John Seckel blogs about topics related to his businesses, and his passions on his blogs at,, and Head over to one or all to read further!

Recently John Seckel has written about some of the following topics, which you can find on both his blog as well as his Linkedin: phrases that effective leaders use, business books for every stage of your career, tips for achieving zero inbox, the importance of near-peer mentorship, habits of highly successful entrepreneurs, how to handle tough management, tips for marketing a small business, things great leaders do every single day, tips for managing office conflict, habits for on the job happiness, tips for growing your customer base, how to remain focused as an entrepreneur and more!

 John Seckel chose Northeastern for all of the amazing opportunities available there. Not only is there a strong academic rigor at the university, but there are also plenty of extracurricular activities as well. John Seckel took full advantage of both during his time there. In addition to these clubs, John remained an active member of Boston’s tight-knit community.

Now that John Seckel resides in San Diego, he is operating his businesses across the country. As with most things in his life, John has found a way to do this easily and seamlessly. He uses many forms of communication to stay up to date with his clients and business associates and frequently travels from coast to coast. Moving to San Diego is one of the best choices John Seckel has ever made. He loves the weather and the people scene in San Diego but knows that a quick trip to the East coast will always bring him home. 



John Seckel attended Northeastern University in December of 2003. During his time at Northeastern, John Seckel was a member of a variety of groups and clubs including Knights of Round Table. He enjoyed being an active member of the Boston community. John graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Professional Experience

Following his education, John Seckel accepted a position at Wachovia Corporation. After only a short time at Wachovia, Seckel found himself being promoted. He has since gone on to accomplish many entrepreneurial goals working with companies across the nation.

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