Every great leader is known for different and unique characteristics. Albert Einstein and John F. Kennedy were known to take daily naps. Mark Zuckerberg is known for his risk-taking. While everyone is known for something unique to themselves, there are several characteristics that the best leaders share.

They Create Energy

Not only do great leaders bring clarity to situations, but they also bring positive energy as well. According to Inc, bringing that energy requires learning the skills to be an effective evangelist and inspire followers all around you. As a leader, you are laying out the map for your employees to follow. That map cannot be followed without the proper energy. You may have the greatest vision in the world, but if your energy doesn’t inspire those you lead, that vision will never become a reality.

They Inspire Enthusiasm

Without enthusiasm, a business has nothing. It is critical that employees sense enthusiasm from their leaders. According to Forbes, being enthusiastic helps a leader identify existing key problems in his or her own industry. Without enthusiasm, you miss out on so many opportunities, and you let down those you lead as well.

They Offer Empathy

The world of business can be tough sometimes. The best leaders understand this and express empathy to those they lead. No matter what the situation may be when a leader expresses empathy, they are immediately a more effective leader. Why? Empathy gains trust and it shows your employees that you too are a human being with similar feelings and emotions. Leaders who recognize that they are leading complete people and not just managing for an outcome will engender a huge amount of loyalty, engagement, and productivity.

They Remain Grounded

As a leader, you will inevitably face stress and strain, but is part of your role to remain grounded throughout. Do what you need to do in order to remain grounded, whether that be going for a long run, participating in a yoga class or even meditating in the middle of the day. Employees need their leader to be grounded in order for them to feel safe and secure.

While every great leader differs from the next, there are a few characteristics shared by them all. Great leaders create energy and inspire enthusiasm. Without this, the company cannot grow. In addition, the best leaders offer empathy to those they lead and they remain grounded throughout stressful situations.