Are you currently going through the interview process? Job searching and interviewing can be stressful, to say the least. One of the most common reasons people feel stressed by interviews is their lack of preparation. When you know exactly what to do in order to stand out in an interview, your stress can melt away. The following are suggestions for standing out in an interview.

Know More about the Company Than Anyone Else

Before your interview, make sure you do thorough research. That does not mean simply reading the information on the landing page of their website. It involves knowing the history of the business, the mission statement and the market you are in. More than likely the interviewer will ask you what you know about the company. Instead of rattling off the first thing you see on the website, wow them. Tell them the mission statement, some interesting bits of their history and more. This will show that you truly value this opportunity and have taken the time to research before your interview.

Turn the Interview into a Conversation

You shouldn’t view an interview as a pass/ fail type of situation. Rather, an interview should really be a genuine conversation between you and your potential employer. Obviously, you allow them to ask questions and you respond, but you can make it conversational. Instead of waiting until the very end of the interview to ask questions, sprinkle them throughout. This will put everyone at ease and make the interview more productive and enjoyable.

Talk About More Than Your Resume

Any good interviewer will have already looked over your resume before the interview, so know that. There is more to you than just your resume. Allow those areas of your life to show up in your interview as well. Draw connections from your professional skills to your personal life. For example, if you coach a local little league baseball team, talk about how that has taught you patience. Allow the interview to be about more than just your resume, but rather you as a complete person.

Now that you have begun the interview process, the goal is to land a job as soon as possible. The above tips will help you achieve that goal. In order to stand out in an interview, you want to do several things. Make sure you are well prepared and know more about the company than anyone else. Make the interview a conversation and discuss more than just your resume.