A positive workplace environment is the best kind. It fosters productivity, team bonding and so much more. It sounds great in theory but what are some tangible action items you can put in place to foster that positivity in your office?

Express Appreciation

When people feel appreciated, they naturally work harder. One of the most important steps to creating a positive workplace environment is supporting and appreciating each other. This does not mean just the boss handing out high fives, but coworkers expressing appreciation to each other as well. An overall attitude of appreciation can go a long way in a workplace. As a leader, if you notice people aren’t expressing their appreciation, make it a point to go above and beyond. Others will feed off of you and do the same

Trust Your Employees

As a leader, you should feel confident in the employees you have chosen to work for and with you. When you trust those around you, they can feel it and it empowers them. Treat your employees as capable, intelligent workers and they will present and behave in that way. One way to communicate trust to your employees is to allow them to make certain decisions. For example, allow them to suggest when weekly meetings should be scheduled and always ask for their input. This is further instilling the fact that your trust them into them.

Plan Team Outings

A good team bonding event can do wonders for an office. Sometimes you simply need to let loose and have fun with coworkers and colleagues. Put something on the calendar monthly, and if there is a majority attendance at the event, keep it. If you find that that is too frequent, go for every other month. No matter what, team bonding events are extremely helpful in creating positive relationships between coworkers, ultimately leading to a better work environment.

If you are trying to foster a positive workplace environment but don’t know where to begin, fear not. The above tips are extremely helpful in the creation of a positive workplace environment. Everyone benefits from working in a positive atmosphere and your role as a leader is to help foster that environment. So make sure you are expressing your appreciation to your employees, trusting them and making it known, and letting loose every once in a while with a team outing.