You may not know it, but businesses that are successful are able to successfully create an identity. Just how professional sports teams need to create an identity to properly establish how they play their sport, businesses need to establish an identity in order to understand how they will conduct their business plans. There are many types of business identities, and if you are wondering what kind of identity your business you have, see if you fit into one of these molds below. This can help determine your future in a big way.


The main key of the catalyst identity is that it paves the way for success in the rest of your business endeavors. Your mental energy, ability to come up with feasible strategies and focus are at all-time highs. Most importantly, you realize that you cannot do this on your own, and you work as a team towards a common goal.


The Synergist identity has a business remaining self-aware, but there is an internal mental conflict that must be addressed. Typically, this can be solved with continuing education, fine-tuning and professional evaluation.


The main key about the guardian identity is that they focus on preserving their resources. At the same time, they will not defend themselves from an attack. Businesses with a guardian identity typically set goals for them in mind, but they are often unrealistic, and there is plenty of confusion as to why they never work out. This is typically a shaky identity because overall production is predicated on the amount of stress that one experiences. Businesses are typically stressful to manage from the jump, so this means that production can decrease quickly. If resources quickly run out, as a result, you may establish the next identity on this list.


You will want to avoid obtaining this business identity at all costs. If your identity has reverted to the defender identity, your internal environment has become extremely toxic. Resources are nearly replenished, stress levels are high, production is low and your little energy levels have resorted you to isolate yourself. Fortunately, this identity can be quelled by methodically coming up with a solution and working towards one. Go easy on yourself and do not panic.